Corporate Governance
Whistle blower policy vigil mechanism
उचित व्यवहार संहिता
Policy for determining material subsidiary
Policy on related party transactions
Policy for determination of materiality of events and information for disclosures
Data Privacy Policy
Archival policy
Whistle blower policy/ vigil mechanism
Nomination and remuneration policy
Contact Details for Assisting and Handling Investor Grievances
Details of Nodal Officer
(in terms of Rule 7(2B) of the Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016)
CSR Policy
Fair Practice Code
Code of conduct for directors and senior management personnel
Code of conduct for prevention of insider trading
Code for independent directors
Risk management policy
Composition of Various Committee
Contact Details of Personnel Authorised for Determining Materiality of an Event or Infromation
Terms and Conditions for Appointment for Independent Director
Policy on EMI Moratorium (Paisalo Digital Limited)
Policy on EMI Moratorium (Nupur Finvest Pvt. Ltd.)
Contact Details of Debenture Trustee
Policy on Co-Lending of Loans With Banks for Lending to Priority Sector
Dividend Distribution Policy
Policy for Appointment of Statutory Auditors