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Paisalo Digital Limited disseminates information on its operations and initiatives on a regular basis. The Paisalo Digital Limited website serves as a key investor awareness facility, allowing stakeholders to access information on Paisalo Digital Limited at their convenience.

Paisalo Digital Limited’s dedicated investor relations personnel play a proactive role in disseminating information to both analysts and investors and respond to specific queries.

Annual General Meeting
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Extraordinary General Meeting
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Extraordinary General Meeting - 8.03.2021 View View View
Postal Ballot
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Board Meeting Intimation
Financial Results 2021-22
Financial Results 2020-21
Financial Results 2019-20
Financial Results 2018-19
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Financial Results 2016-17
 Information for 28th Annual General Meeting (Paisalo Digital Limited)
 Policy on EMI Moratorium (Paisalo Digital Limited)
 Policy on EMI Moratorium (Nupur Finvest Pvt. Ltd.)
 Intimation NSE BSE Clarification 31 Mar 2018
Unclaimed Dividend / IEPF
Intimation of Record and Payment Date for Interest/redemption of NCDs and Payment of Interest/Principal
Intimation of Record and Interest/Payment/Redemption Date
Intimation regarding payment of Interest/Principal
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