Gati loan

We offer the gati loan to L3 and L5 vehicle owners. We finance auto rickshaws that are at L3 and L5 levels. "Gati" translates to ‘pace’ in English. It is a lending product specifically designed to promote financial inclusion by providing financing solutions for auto rickshaw drivers. With a focus on empowering this segment of the population, "Gati" offers accessible loans tailored to the unique needs of auto rickshaw drivers, enabling them to expand their businesses, upgrade their vehicles, and improve their livelihoods. "Gati" evaluates creditworthiness beyond conventional ways, considering factors such as income stability, vehicle usage patterns, and repayment capacity. The simplified application process ensures quick approvals and customer satisfaction. Moreover, "Gati" goes beyond lending by providing financial literacy resources and guidance to help drivers make informed financial decisions and manage their finances effectively. By promoting financial inclusion for auto rickshaw drivers, "Gati" serves as a catalyst for economic growth, empowering individuals to drive to their dreams.

Raftaar Loan

"Raftaar" translates to ‘speed’ in English. It is a unique lending product catering to small vehicle owners. Recognizing the importance of these vehicles for transportation and livelihoods, "Raftaar" provides accessible loans to empower small vehicle owners. The product was designed keeping in mind the pace of change and the size of the competition that a customer faces. Through this product we aim to propel him in the right direction and achieve his goals. Through our high tech, high touch approach we understand the customer’s requirements, his credit history and his intentions.

Do ka dum Loan

"Do Ka Dum" is a lending product offering financing solutions specifically designed for two-wheeler purchases. Recognizing the significance of two-wheelers for personal transportation and economic empowerment, "Do Ka Dum" provides accessible loans to enable individuals to own their own two-wheelers. With the plethora of existing products in the market, we have designed this product representative of our triple A strategy - Available, Aware, Affordable. Prioritizing customer relationships and ease of business is what truly distinguishes it from our competitors.

Ready Steady Go Loan

“Ready Steady Go” is a lending product built around a customer who wants to buy a pre-owned car. We at Paisalo recognise wants and needs of every kind and hence aim to provide the means to achieve them. This product identifies a unique demand that Paisalo fulfills. We extend our seamless process and high tech, high touch approach to implement this product for our customers.