Paisalo Digital – Vehicle

The rise of cutting-edge innovation in the transport industry

The Indian electric vehicle (EV) market has been growing rapidly. The electric vehicles are one of the most cost-effective modes of public transportation. EVs are undoubtedly a major step towards CLEAN & GREEN India and also the most innovative and efficient way of using electric energy without causing harm to the environment. This industry has a bright future in the field of public transportation. With the aim of creating self-employment, eco-friendly environment & efficient transportation across India, Paisalo Digital Limited has stepped up and entered the EV financing industry in 2022. PDL has always supported and fulfilled the dreams of the underserved section of the society by providing them financial solutions. The focus is to improve the living of the groups of people living in rural or semi-urban areas and support the government of India in making mode of transportation completely green by 2030.

What we do?

We offer asset base funding (E vehicles& Used Car) to credit deprived section of the society with best price and services in rural semi urban cities servicing the financial need of real BHARAT.

Target Group: This division works for the lower-income generation group. The focus is mainly on rural & semi-urban areas.

Ticket Size: ₹80,000- ₹3,00,000

Tenor & Repayment of loan: 18-36 months

Why Paisalo?

• Revolutionizing the domain with unbelievable service levels

• We offer lowest rate of interests in the industry

• Provide maximum LTV (Loan to Asset Value)

• Financing high and low speed EV two-wheelers

• Provide loan facility for batteries to existing ETR customers